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Ariana angled Kitty's face towards Susu's bed with her sneakers as Lily continued, "she was laughing, smiling and talking with us about the future a little over three hours ago. She is the most wonderful girl I've ever known and because of her, her boyfriend dedicated his time to being a doctor just to cure her. Just when they were so close to the finish line, you came in and wrecked it. Now, we can't even see a finish line. Do you really have the right to call yourself a victim?"


"T..this.. When did this get here?" She stuttered in shock. "That was the seal that your mother had left you. The last thing she could have done for you was to seal away your psychic abilities so that you would live a normal childhood. Before we move on with this long ass story to come, I need you to believe that such ability exists. This is not a reality show nor is it some novel that the author decided to randomly pop in to get more people to join the fun. This is real."


"No, you got it wrong. My question isn't why she was attacked. Instead, I'm wondering why they would think that she was the one who held the chips. What's her identity?" Susu's instinct told her that there was something deeper to her identity than Shi Corps' president's daughter.


Lily brought Susu back home and waited until she received Susu's text that she got back to her condo before leaving. When Susu got back to her apartment, she started to cough nonstop. Her throat had been itching, but she didn't want to cough in front of Lily and make her worried.


Lin Que pinched the tip of his nose gently, "I'd love to accept your invitation. No man can see what I don't see. Especially the things that only I could see, they will never be able to see. Plus, these wolves gotta learn their places that day. Shall we head home?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Outside the luxurious honeymoon suite that Zi Yan had prepared for the newlyweds, Chen Nan prepared himself for flying pillows and washboards with durian shells on top waiting for him. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed open the door. His palms clasped flat against each other as he lowered his head to apologize to Ariana only to find an untouched room.

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    "Ahhhh!" Karen shrieked when she fell, scraped her limbs against the rough carpet and missed her target by a few inches. Her dress was barely long enough to cover her knees. When her body fell, the bottom half of her dress flipped upwards and was rolled up even further when her limbs scraped on the carpet; revealing her granny underpants.


    "With me here, I'll see who dares force her to do what she doesn't want to do." Chen Mu stood with his arms crossed and slowly walked to Susu's side. Lily grabbed a bowl filled with food and stood at the best angle to watch this show unfold. 'Best juice of the year! Win her over with your manly nature! Ya! Fuck flowers and those boring romantic overused stuff! This is way better!!'


    When his stomach growled hungrily, he checked his phone and realized that it was already 3 P.M. He looked at how comfortable she laid in his arms and decided to order a takeout. 'It will take approximately half an hour. That should be enough time for her to nap.'


    Quickly, she set a timer for 25 minutes to make sure that she doesn't lose track of time. While walking around the lab and looking through different files, she couldn't find anything related to Shen Wen. "That's odd..wait. She's still outside right now, so that means either she is waiting for a report...or she's waiting for someone to write up a report. She had that container in her hand..hmmm"


    He handed her his handkerchief and continued, "because of our life choices and the unexpected arrivals of Zi Yan and Zi Lan, she had to leave earlier. She went to her mother for another prediction before deciding to leave. Her mother told her that if she continued staying here and waited for her children to be born, everyone would end up killed by the greedy assholes."


    Behind him, Karen was shivering and hugging her yellow stained arms. She was afraid that the Lin and Chen family would come after her. After hearing Chen Mu's threat, she continued to deny her actions and hoped that Tian Yuo would believe her.


    "Nope. I want to bring you to a place before we head home. It'll take around half an hour. If you're tired, take a nap. I'll wake you up when we are there. Let me know if the heat is too low or high, okay?" He stopped in front of the red light and felt the temperature of her hands.



    "Mm... I feel so drained. When can we go home?" Since she woke up a few minutes before Chen Mu walked in, everyone didn't have the chance to say much to her. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she smelled was the strong scent of disinfectants in the room. Everything felt cold and odd to her that she wanted to get out of the hospital.



    Tian Yuo refused to back down, "Mistaken? You used to follow me around like a maid. How would I mistake you for someone else? Oh, and now you dress up like that to get Chen Mu, huh?"


    Susu wiggled her fingers and massaged them, "Just in case Miss. Karen claims it to be unfair again. Let's give her one last chance to prove that the rose design is hers. Other than the brand tag that anyone could forge or add on to the design and the sketches that anyone could steal, what other evidence can you show us?"


    Zin Leung shook his head from the unfavorable position they were in. After seeing the couple's intimacy, he knew that there would be no way for the Chen's to take back their words on the business matters. 'If only Karen actually had something worth of threat to them or Susu...but she isn't the Chen family's mistress anyways, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference. Maybe if Karen hadn't made them angry, everything would have been different now.'

  • Second female guest: "I can't even stand going into the kitchen to grab a drink when someone is cooking. The oil and steam are so bad for my skin. Not only that, I wouldn't have the patience to take care of his family's needs either. So, forget him. I think my love would never get that far for anyone to make me change. She's very impressive."
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